Workflow Automation for Cyber Physical System Development Processes


Development of Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs) requires close interaction between developers with expertise in many domains to achieve ever-increasing demands for improved performance, reduced cost, and more system autonomy. Each engineering discipline commonly relies on domain-specific modeling languages, and analysis and execution of these models is often automated with appropriate tooling. However, integration between these heterogeneous models and tools is often lacking, and most of the burden for inter-operation of these tools is placed on system developers. To address this problem, we introduce a workflow modeling language for the automation of complex CPS development processes and implement a platform for execution of these models in the Assurance-based Learning-enabled CPS (ALC) Toolchain. Several illustrative examples are provided which show how these workflow models are able to automate many time-consuming integration tasks previously performed manually by system developers.

Citation:  Charles Hartsell, Nagabhushan Mahadevan, Harmon Nine, Abhishek Dubey, Ted Bapty, and Gabor Karsai. 2020. Workflow Automation for Cyber Physical System Development Processes. Accepted for publication in Proceedings of the Workshop on Design Automation for CPS and IoT (DESTION '20). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 1-9.


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