CP2 Thruster Degradations


These videos are presenting a CP2 Thruster Degradation scenario with Fault Detection, Isolation and control Reallocation (CP2_degradation).
'cp2_with_ide_in_alc' video presents the simulation scenario running from the toolchain. The same is presented in 'cp2_in_detail', but with explanation and using PlotJuggler also.
In the plots there are the LEC prediction, Assurance Monitor output and decision can be seen with the estimated thruster degradation also.

CP2 here is a pipe tracking scenario, with thruster degradation with or without static obstacles. Degraded thruster parameters can be set in `Environment`. By default it is #1 thruster, efficiency drops to 79% at t=50s.
Fault Detection, Isolation, Reallocation (FDIR - DD_LEC) system is active, detects degradation under 1-5 seconds. After detection, FDIR reallocates thrusters to balance torque loss and maintain control for pipe tracking mission.
With use_behaviour_tree = true, the autonomy is controlled by a BT based logic in the ALC Toolchain.



cp2_degradation.mp4 (12.6 MB) cp2_degradation.mp4 cp2_with_ide_in_alc Daniel Stojcsics, 10/05/2021 12:33 PM
cp2_fdir_r3.mp4 (152 MB) cp2_fdir_r3.mp4 cp2_in_detail Daniel Stojcsics, 10/05/2021 12:34 PM