Launching scenarios in headless mode using ALC Toolchain


This is an example how to use the ALC Toolchain and run example scenarios in headless mode. Also presents how to plot the results after a finished simulation.

  • Go to ALC > 2. Construction > Testing
  • Select a scenario to launch
    • In the video 'cp1_03_batt_low_no_rth' is usued
    • This scenario launches with low battery level, with return to home (RTH) disabled
    • When UUV reaches critical battery level, it goes to the surface in a helix (to sense and avoid possible obstacles)
  • Launch experiment (with 'Generate ROS Launch files' and set 'Setup and Build Repo' when running the toolchain first time)
  • Check <<Results>> and open the latest generated Result
  • Run scripts to plot data


headless.mp4 (12.3 MB) headless.mp4 Daniel Stojcsics, 10/05/2021 11:43 AM